Hotel For Conferences Costa Smeralda

Just a few steps from the sea, the Colonna Resort is the perfect hotel for hosting a conference or a business meeting.   

The hotel’s Conference Centre, which is one of a kind, is very functional and can accommodate hundreds of people.   

The main Conference Room – which covers an area in excess of 430 square metres – can welcome up to 700 delegates, whilst the Corallina Room which covers an area of 160 square metres can also seat more than 150 people. 

We should also draw your attention to the convenience of the other five less formal meeting rooms which boast an enviable position on the top floor of the hotel and can accommodate from 10 to 30 people each. 

We have the skills to adapt everything to the needs of each occasion, bearing in mind that the Colonna Room – the largest of all – can be divided into two separate rooms thanks to a system of mobile sound-proofed panelling.  

All the spaces dedicated to business meetings inside the Colonna Resort are tastefully furnished and are equipped with the latest audio and video equipment.  The elegant foyer would be the perfect place in which to greet the participants of your meetings.  All the spaces are designed with our disabled guests in mind too.  Inside the Resort, all the usual architectural barriers have been removed creating spaces that are easily accessible for everyone.